Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trending Fall Fashions in home decor

Trending Fall Fashions
By: Christina Johnson

Cinnamon and apple scents begin to fill the air, and the summer heat fades to an autumn breeze, it's the perfect time to revamp your home decor. Using rich textures and colors of fall indoors, to create your own cozy weather getaway. Take a peak at some of the fresh trends in fall decor.
Go Bold

A simple, affordable way to reinvent a space is painting.  Imbue your home with fall's popular warm, cozy colors. Whether you want to go bold or stick with neutrals, this season's palette offers something for everyone. Among the trendiest paint colors are soft gold, burnt orange, mocha, creamy beige, asparagus green, earthy browns and tans, and shades of gray, ranging from peppercorn to a pale gray violet. In a neutral room, an accent wall in a bold color can add depth and interest. Some popular choices are creams and beige with a brown or red accent wall.

Accessories for the Walls

Accent pieces, such as throw pillows, candles, art, sheets, comforters, slipcovers, floral centerpieces, and knickknacks, can complement the color of the room and add a fun or sophisticated feel. While neutral furniture has been the standard, don't be afraid to experiment and add a splash of color, as accessories can be easily swapped out with the change of seasons Copper, red, black, chocolate brown, brass, wine, and funky patterns are popular this season. However, shades of orange have been stealing the show. Add some burnt orange pillows or a few pumpkin orange vases to give your home a fall feeling.

Decorate your Windows and Doors

Get rid of the heavy, lush and dreary d├ęcor, with the days being shorter, no need to accentuate the lack of light. Design aficionados are predicting that linen panels will be huge this fall. These window treatments can soften any room. The classic fabric comes in a variety of colors and patterns to complement the colors of the room. With lighter material, the fall days will not seem so dark and dreary.

Anything Goes

You no longer need to worry about adhering to a single style or aesthetic for a room. Eclectic decor is one of the bigger trends of fall. Mix masculine and feminine, antique and modern, or combine artwork of different mediums and styles. Try pairing your antique coffee table with a modern sofa. Try adding a splash of pink, or vases full of flowers, to an otherwise masculine room.  Location no longer matters either, whether you live in a Manhattan Rental, or a country colonial, whatever you call home should be decorated based on your taste.

Are you getting ready for Fall?


  1. beautiful photos!!I am getting ready for fall, the leaves are turning here already,, I have brought out some quilts and have a couple of pumkins out,, I've changed my door displays and I've started putting some of the summery accents away,, sad but happy too,

  2. It's still totally SUMMER here, but I love Fall and am definitely looking forward to it! I LOVE the scentsy stuff and hope to be able to afford to order some, one of these days! I've never heard of it until I read about it on your blog!

  3. Beautiful photographs and great ideas. I can't bring myself to think forward to fall...still have so much going on right now! It will be here before I know it...ready or not! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Thanks so much for this post, Debbie. I was thinking of switching out my linen panels! I guess they are keepers for awhile longer.

    I picked up a small orange pitcher the other day, for small florals. Had no idea!

    This post makes me happy!:-)

  5. You know me! I am the color girl, like you Debbie!!
    I just adore fall colors! I use them all year long, I don't really re-decorate per season.
    But I do get more use from my gold pillows, and browns and reds for sure during fall!